Argon Travel offers in this program a trip to Madeira. But first, a brief passage in Lisbon to discover the country's history and to know the importance of the maritime discoveries and their role in the development of the nation. Then fly to Funchal, where you can discover a true paradise with a huge variety of fauna and flora, such as orchids and birds of paradise. Madeira offers the opportunity to see numerous flower species and a wide variety of flower festivals. Those who go there cannot leave without visiting the local fruit and vegetable market. The diversity of plant species cultivated and the quality of the resources extracted from the sea makes the traditional cuisine delicious. During your stay, you can see places like Porto Moniz, Santana with its characteristic houses, Pico Areeiro where you can admire the highest peak of Madeira, among many other wonderful places. You cannot leave Funchal without trying the Monte carts and slide these wicker baskets down the steep streets of the city. Welcome to paradise!


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