Catalonia's capital, Barcelona is one of the most commercial and artistic cities in Spain and Europe. In Barcelona, ​​Catalan tradition prevails over Spanish, even having its own language. A place where we can enjoy traditional and balanced Mediterranean cuisine, and traditional tapas. From the Gothic style to the modernist movement, Barcelona is a true open-air museum, being the cultural center of Spain and one of the leading schools of architecture in Europe, home to the largest concentration of designers, architects and artists on the planet. Capital of modernism, it has several monuments and works by Picasso, Dalí, Miró and Gaudí, Catalan architect who revolutionized Spanish architecture, giving it new plastic designs creating unique buildings. In Casco Antiguo, we can see the sketches of Picasso's early times, and in Montjuïc Miró's colourful works of art. From an architectural point of view, Gaudí dominates the city, with its buildings distributed throughout the city center. Barcelona is full of parks, theatres, museums, monuments and cathedrals, a city rich in entertainment, culture and history, leaving us mouth-watering and sure that one day we will return.


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